Porterville is a quaint town nestled on the slopes of the Olifant’s River Mountains at the base of the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area – only 150 kilometres from Cape Town along the R44.

Long known as the home of the rare Disa Uniflora flower, as well as a paragliding and hang-gliding capital – attracting enthusiasts from all over the world – this beautiful town, which was originally established in 1863, is now fast making a name for itself amongst art and food enthusiasts, as well as those looking for a memorable escape from the city surrounded by exceptional natural beauty and country charm.

Once considered a hidden gem, Porterville has now been dubbed as one of the most desirable and popular country towns in the Western Cape – attracting artisans, entrepreneurs, retirees, and families who have triggered a groundswell of growth as new tourism and lifestyle offerings spring up in and around the town – in turn drawing a growing number of welcomed visitors.