Now in its forth year, this popular art experience takes place in Porterville from 1 – 3 October 2021. It provides an opportunity for art-lovers, foodies, families, outdoor enthusiasts – or anyone looking for an escape from the city – to visit our charming village and enjoy a weekend viewing a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Come and meet our local artists in their studios where you can view and purchase their work and attend demos and workshops. Other exhibition venues in the the village will include restaurants, galleries and pop-up shops.

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Click on a venue below to find out more information about the artists exhibiting and workshops taking place there.

Address of venue: 21 Kerk Street

Offering: Exhibition & workshops Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Artists exhibiting: Alna Prodgers,  Annamarie Gerber, Kevin Heidmann , Charlotte Gibson,

Alna Prodgers

Alna Prodgers of AlnaPottery studio is a creator of bespoke functional and decorative pottery pieces, whose first love is teaching the craft and passing on her knowledge and experience of 40 years.  I also work in many other mediums to express my creativity

Annamarie Gerber


“I opened my pottery studio in 2019. I am a small batch potter and prefer to make unique hand built pottery items mostly inspired by nature and natural shapes, but sometimes do make more than one of certain items. I am always in the garden looking for leaves or wild clay to use. I love texture and try to incorporate it into all my work in various ways. I not only make pottery, but also offer pottery classes for young and old and host pottery parties and workshops at my studio.”

Kevin Heidmann


“I have always been interested in arts and crafts from a young age and have recently found a niche for art/painting. Although I work as a technician I enjoy this as a part-time hobby.”

Charlotte Gibson


Loi Sculpture is the platform on which Charlotte Gibson crafts her expressions, switching seamlessly between clay and cloth. Through her journey of discovery, she experiments with a variety of mediums, shapes and finishes to create unique sculptures and art.


Planter head workshop
– Friday 1 October  14H00 – 17H30
– R450 P/P
-Includes all materials and light refreshments, you are welcome to bring your own wine.
– Call Alna on 0835382644 to book.

TAPAS Workshop
– Saturday 2 October 10H00 – 13H00
-R450 P/P
– Make your own cheese platter, 2 X Sauce Bowls, 2 X Spoons
-Includes all materials and light refreshments, you are welcome to bring your own wine.
– Call Alna on 0835382644 to book.

Address of venue: 54 Du Toit Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Andre du Toit


“Portraits are my passion,” says André, who plies his craft in
the tranquil town of Porterville in the Bergrivier.

“My subjects are mostly random faces who speak to my imagination and it’s hard to explain what draws me to them in the first place and what moves me to repaint them. It’s a very intuitive process and the end result is almost always a surprise. When you do portraits of people you know, there’s always the pressure of rendering a recognisable image, which makes the whole creative journey less free and spontaneous. I love the element of surprise and I love to hang a newly finished painting on my own walls until I’m ready to add my signature and let it go.”

With many of the galleries who mounted his works forced to close as a result of Covid restrictions, André has found social media* a perfect platform for his art. “It’s just so accessible and affordable, and I love dealing directly with buyers for that personal element.”

Address of venue: 9 Porter Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: AnikiPasq


AnikiPasq is an artist living in the picturesque town of Porterville in the Western Cape with its beautiful mountains as a backdrop. Formal education in Graphic design. Working in Oils,  Acrylic and Gouache mediums. 

“I am inspired by everyday life and am driven to create by my passion for colour and beauty. I find that I must be  creative to stay sane in this upside down world!”


Address of venue: 22 Meul Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Arend Louw,  Annelie Janse van Rensburg, Carin Dorrington, Clare Menck 

Arend Louw


Born and raised in Bellville, Cape Town, Arend Louw has a personality as colourful as his paintings. After completing a degree in Theology, Arend spent the next few years travelling so as to explore and expand his worldview. Wanting to return to his roots, he took up residence on his family’s farm near Aurora. Located in the Sandveld region of the Cape West Coast, Arend takes inspiration from the quiet and solace from the serenity provided by the area – a detail that is evident in the focus he exercises over his art. Each work is motivated by Arend’s surroundings; his use of photography is in direct symbiosis with the paintings he creates, thus capturing the finer nuances of small town life. As Arend explains: “The themes of my paintings are personal and yet universal. They are the scenes of everyday life. I am inspired by the effect that natural light has on a scene; a landscape or object can be transformed by the highlights and shadows that fall upon it”.
Working exclusively in oils has developed Arend’s leniency towards making mistakes. Seeing mistakes as part of the process instead of allowing them to hinder his work, Arend prefers oils as they demand contemplation. They are slow to dry and quick to forgive. Not only skilled in delicate and precise brushwork, Arend’s works need to convey a message, even if it is to the artist alone: “
All my paintings are created with intent. Not just to please the viewer but to convey an emotion that a specific moment has stirred in me”.

 2015 – Montagu Museum, Montagu –‘ Van Sandveld tot Suurbraak’
 2016 – Stone Fish Gallery, Paternoster
 2016 – Bo-Kamer Venue, Paarl
 2018 – Rossouw Modern Art Gallery – “In Limbo”
 2012 – Langverwacht, Cape Town – ‘ ‘n Ander plek’
 2016 – Liebrecht Gallery, Somerset West – ‘ A penny for your thoughts’
 2016 – Art.b Gallery, Bellville – ‘Committee’s Choice’

Annelie Janse van Rensburg


Annelie Janse van Rensburg is a full-time ceramic artist based in Cape Town.

“Nature inspires my work, I  am especially drawn to South African fauna and flora. I  use different hand-building techniques. My work showcases the malleable quality of clay, as well as the mark the maker leaves, the vessel is also never completely covered in slip, as I celebrate clay as my canvas. I want my delicate designs to compliment the humble medium I love.”

Carin Dorrington


Carin Dorrington studied Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch and receive her Honors Degree in 1985 under the tutelage of former lecturer Paul Emsley.

After completing her Teacher’s Diploma at US, she taught at the Jack Meyer Art Centre in Paarl for 8 years and then 16 years privately before retiring in 2017. It was during these teaching years that clay became her preferred medium for creative expression

Her work is typically joyful, sculptural and decorated in vibrant, bright colours. All her pieces are hand built and fired to 1200 degrees celsius.

Clare Menck


Water scenes with bathers are a constant source of renewed inspiration in the work of Clare Menck.  No one paints water and weightless figures floating in it, quite the way she does.  Some of them are also self portraits.  Clare’s watercolour swimmer trio’s have been so popular during the past two lockdown years that she has built up a constantly growing fan- and collector-following as well as a seemingly endless waiting list.  And when she feels like it, Clare also turns to vintage scenes, or to her favourite expressive animal – the greyhound – as alternative favourite subjects.

During lockdown, Clare focused her energies mainly on monoprinting and watercolour on cotton paper (even though she may be better known for her oils).  The affordability of her works on paper have made them immensely popular in this time.  Clare is bringing her latest monoprints & watercolours to Pure Porterville “hot off the press” and “hot off the easel”, and will be available for a “meet-and-greet the artist” at the Carin Dorrington’s Studio & Garden (entrance at 22 Meul Street) all weekend.  

Address of venue: 48 Voortrekker Street 

Artists exhibiting: Karien Jordaan


Address of venue: 19 Du Toit Street

Ice cream will be on sale!

Artists exhibiting: Monique Nienaber/Ebonymoon; Gerald Blaber; Rotherfield Studios




Our creations celebrate our roots, reviving and re-igniting traditions. We learn from the wisdom of the past, from colours and textures to processes, we bring the wisdom and beauty of culture back to life. Since moving out of the confines of city life, trading it for the creative energy of Mountain and Wheatland’s of Porterville in the Western Cape, Monique and her small, yet dedicated team of studio assistants have breathed life and energy into copper and brass that comes from a true love and understanding of metals and art. Monique, with her roots firmly entwined in a family tradition of smithing, having learned the trade of a Goldsmith under the watchful eye of her father, Franz Huppertz, himself a Master Goldsmith from Pforzheim, Germany. This close relationship fostered a desire to create beauty yet maintain simplicity and above all functionality. The road taken today is one born from a combination of success and failures all culminating in her unmistakable creative drive to provide clients with art pieces for daily life.


Each and every one of our products is handmade. We are not about machine-made perfection, our craftsmen breathe life into materials they celebrate handmade imperfection. It is of utmost importance that our creations are in harmony with the cycles of nature which we achieve through the use of basic metals and minimal additions to their earthy intent. The reward for this form of hands on craftsmanship is to enable eager apprentices the opportunity to become part of a skilled group of artisans within a thriving village industry.


As a mother I believe it is our responsibility to leave a cleaner earth and brighter future for our children, which is why I strive to replace immature oil based plastics from their pedestal of convenience. Using recycled materials where ever possible to produce beautiful globally-marketable products, while equipping local artisans with new skill sets and providing them with a sustainable source of income.

That’s why, sustainability is at the heart of our design, by creating lasting items for future generations of global inhabitants and raising awareness, igniting conversations, and ultimately to encourage others to be more conscious and appreciative of our planet. Our desire is to create pieces of functional Tableware Art that leave the planet richer and the human happier. We hope to see our tableware range developing into an increasingly sought after brand that is synonymous with environmentally considerate products that are unique, yet affordable. 


Monique’s drive to create beautiful, yet functional pieces has been central to her designs, yet to maintain this balance on occasions implies the opposite. Complete abandon and contempt for the conventional inspire the creation of unique pieces, screaming out for refinement on completion, yet unwilling to lose the artistic hand in them. The process of creating is pivotal in the success of her pieces, yet the clear understanding of the marriage to functionality produces ranges of tableware to be wrapped in the most expensive of linens. The universe shows that utility and beauty go hand in hand. Purpose and beauty are partners. We’ve taken that inspiration and brought into every product. We have chosen to work in the most basic of metals – copper, regarded by many as the one of the five earthy players – Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Iron. As such these metals have stood the test of human time to each develop an identity in the modern world. The antimicrobial elements of pure copper have in modern times returned to prominence in an ever increasing drive to rid the world of man-made non degradable materials. That Mother Nature already has an abundance of such amazing armoury of bug destroying minerals locked up in Copper, Whilst not losing the inner senses of copper our product has evolved to make use of brass – a happy marriage of copper and zinc to enhance the creative and visual possibilities of our pieces.

Jerald Blaber


“I have been making knives since 1993 and am passionate in making “old school” hunting and kitchen knives that are made from recycled high carbon steel with exotic wood handles.
I’ve always had a passion for knives and spent my pocket money buying my first knife at the corner Cafe when I was a young boy and like most boys, I took it apart, modified it to my liking and put it back together again.

Today my workshop is based in Porterville in the Western Cape. My style of knife making is old-fashioned and form and function are of the utmost importance to me.

I use recycled old saw blades that are made out of high-quality carbon steel and mostly use old red wine barrel on my handles, although I do use indigenous African woods as well. I have three ranges of kitchen knives a Pro, standard, and forged effect.

I also make hunting/ biltong and camping knives which all come with a handcrafted leather sheath for easy carrying. I am evolving every day and come up with new designs.”

Address of venue: 87 Voortrekker Street

Artists exhibiting: All Porterville artists





Flyers Lodge is hosting the residents’ group exhibition – one work from each of our local participating artists will be on display in the hall. Stop by Venue number one to get a taste of what there is to see and pick up your map and entry form for the competition to win an art hamper on the weekend.

Address of venue: 16 Piet Retief Street

Offering: Exhibition & Acrylic Pouring Workshop

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Joey Koen, Adele van Niekerk

Adele van Niekerk


Painting; an ever-growing passion. Many many moons ago the subject of my very first painting was that of a domestic cat, done in acrylics on a piece of unbleached cotton fabric. The paint bug bit. Through the years my interest in art included various crafts, picture framing, pottery and eventually sculpture, but the canvas, brush and oil paint eventually lured me away from all that. Becoming an art teacher gave me the opportunity to explore many styles, various subject matter, different mediums and endless techniques, but in the end it was portraits, landscape and wildlife that became my favourite subjects. And yes, I still paint cats. Wild cats.

Joey Koen


As a born and bred Sandvelder and former resident of Redelinghuys, Joey grew up loving and appreciating nature. Drawing on her inquisitive nature and with fine attention to detail and rich use of colour, Joey celebrates the beauty of natural forms through her art.

“Having attended various art workshops I’m not averse to dabbling in various mediums.
In receiving commissions from friends and clients, I try my best to timeously, and with as much creativity as possible reflect my unique brand of art on each and every piece I deliver.
Having been a forensic investigator I analyze and determine beforehand the best possible way of enriching each and every canvas I produce.”

Acrylic Pouring Workshop – facilitated by Adele van Niekerk

Cost: R350 P/P
Slots:Saturday @ 2PM -5PM & Sunday @ 10AM-1PM

Call Porterville tourism to book this workshop: 022 931 3732


Address of venue: 50 Du Toit Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: JP Meyer


JP Meyer was born in 1960, grew up in the Free State and matriculated in 1978.  After military service he joined S.A.A. where he worked as an international flight attendant for 15 years.

In 1996 he swapped corporate life for that of a full-time art student at the Foundation School of Art in Cape Town, graduating four years later with as Diploma of Fine Art (Painting).

His first solo exhibition was held at the Association of Visual Arts in Cape Town in 2003 and since then he has mounted 11 solo exhibitions, 6 joint exhibitions and participated in many group shows.

His work is in the collections of SASOL, DIDATA, Rand Merchant Bank, Hollards, Nandos UK and McMillan Publishing.

He currently lives and works in Porterville.

Address of venue: 30 Du Toit St

Offering: Exhibition & a 20 min wood-turning demonstration at 2.30 pm on Sat 2 October.

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Katja Abbott, Paul Kristafor, Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters


Born in Kwazulu Natal, Sarah studied a BA (hons) in Fine Art Sculpture in the UK. On her return to South Africa she apprenticed with her father and master potter, David Walters, making her a third generation potter. She strives to balance her sculptural training with her love of function, in her work. She is currently working with reduction fired stoneware, porcelain and high fired stoneware to make functional domestic ware and functional art.

Katja Abbott


Having previously worked as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and project manager in the publishing industry for many years, Katja is currently completing a degree in Visual Arts through UNISA. She uses various media including ceramic sculpture and painting to explore themes that relate to the conflict between nature and technology and the imagery that emerges from the dreamtime.

Paul Kristafor


Living and working in remote parts of Africa for many years, exposed Paul to the natural beauty of wood as a craft material. He now expresses his passion for wood through his work as a wood-turner. By turning his vessels from green wood he allows the natural warping of the wood to dictate the final form.

Address of venue: 55 Du Toit Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Estelle Louw, John Bauer, Jo De Frietas, Kim Shwerdfeger, Patsy Groll, Reagan Sidney Rubain, Romé Carstens  Zurnamer, Sue  Beattie

Estelle Louw

“As far back as I can remember, making pictures was my passion. It was, however, only after retiring from my 30yr long teaching career, that I discovered mosaic as an art form. I am totally in love with this art form and work daily at my home studio, doing mostly commissions. My skills developed as I went along and in 2016 I did a Master in Mosaics course at the Orsoni School of Mosaics in Venice Italy. I have won a few awards at MASA challenges, one of which was the overall winner in 2018. My one piece was a finalist at Hermanus Fyn Arts and exhibited at the Bouchard Findlayson Wine Estate. I also took part in a group exhibition at the Breytenbach Art Centre in Wellington. I work with stained glass and stopped using grout on my work 5yrs ago.”

John Bauer


John Bauer, well-known ceramicist and materials engineer, is recognised worldwide for his cutting-edge developments in porcelain production. His focus is not on negative impression but positive ‘expression.’ Bauer captures the essence of an age long past, inspired by the pieces of forgotten civilisations. He finds himself moved time and again by the contributions made by ancient crafts peoples to the society of today. Bauer makes use of rare coins, carvings, lace and organic substances, referencing technologies of the past as well as archiving for the future.

Jo De Freitas

I studied Fine Arts at Cape Tech and have been a mosaic artist and teacher for 15 years. I like the textural quality of mosaics which is what drew me to it in the first place, as I started off as a painter. I also like the versatility of applications and that it can be used for functional art.”

Kim Shwerdfeger

My name is Kim Schwerdtfeger and my mosaic business is A Peace of Me. I did a mosaic class in Kalk Bay in 2000 and am largely self-taught. I was in corporate business for many years, but finally the pull to engage creatively culminated in my launching into mosaics full-time. I love nature and particularly flowers, which influences my work. I do commissions for clients and also offer mosaic classes. My website is and you will also find me on social media. I work in various mediums, ceramic, glass, stained glass and porcelain”

Patsy Groll

“I have been drawing since I was a little girl, enjoying making little gardens in jars, and carving soaps into turtles, I studied Graphic Design at Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town. After a career in advertising and packaging design,  and when my children were young, I started doing ceramics and taught myself to paint,  and attending as many life drawing classes as I could find. My creative interests include photography, working in inks and in pastels,  both oils and dry chalks, doing linocuts, mosaics, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and mostly painting in oils, My favourite subject is painting portraits, using oil paints on prepared paper.  At the moment I am lucky enough to be showing my portrait at Rust en Vrede Gallery, in Durbanville, as part of the top 40 portraits in the National Portrait Competition. “

Reagan Sidney Rubain

“Born on the 13th September 1984 in the small, but scenic community of Ocean View on the outskirts of Cape Town. Growing up impoverished with little to no inspiration for a little child, art would inevitably catch me in its grip. I never looked back, exploring, falling in love with art and quickly gaining admiration amongst people who admired my growing passion. Carrying this love of the arts throughout my school years, I matriculated in year 2002 which would see the start of a rather miserable period in my life, with me not having funds to further my studies, jobs being hard to come by. A horrible period which today I see as a blessing in disguise, as I was introduced to the majestic art form of mosaic. Trapped by its alluring beauty, flexibility and endless possibilities, I never looked back and in 2010, while job searching I discovered what will change my life forever. I applied for a 3-year course in professional mosaic at a school of mosaic amply named Spier Arts Academy situated in Cape Town. 3 years later I graduated with a Cum Laude, ready to take on the world and spread the wonderful art of mosaic.”

Romé Carstens  Zurnamer

Romé Carstens Zurnamer was born in Kwazulu-Natal in 1972, and lives and works in Somerset West, Cape Town. She is a full-time freelance artist, who is versatile in many different mediums, involving multiple art forms. Romé is an exceptionally passionate and creative thinker, who doesn’t limit herself in any way. She often displays her work in non-traditional exhibition venues, challenging conventions and preconceived ideas on art and what that entails. Her creative and imaginative work includes a multitude of artistic platforms and ways in which to give life to them. This includes abstract, fine art acrylic and oil paintings, challenging and detailed mosaic works, indoor and outdoor murals on a small and grand scale, hand-painted signage and logo’s for the corporate sector, as well as the restoration of unique objects that combine different art forms in new and unusual ways.  

Sue Beattie

“I have been doing mosaic for around 20 years. I started by smashing tiles with a hammer and working straight into cement. But once I discovered the use of mesh I made some progress. I teach and do commissions in my Muizenberg studio. My objective is to make Muizenberg more beautiful. My inspiration is Gaudi’s Barcelona.”

Address of venue: Driefontien Farm, R365  +/- 8kms outside of Porterville

Artist exhibiting: Ronel Bakker


Other activities at Poppie & Picasso


Address of venue: 36 Voortrekker Street

Artists exhibiting: Elton Jagels, Erna Muller, Isobel Knox, Joan Shrauwen, Sharon Botha, Warren Voight

Elton Jagels


Erna Muller


Currently I am a freelance wildlife photographer living in the the rural town of Porterville Western Cape in Southern Africa In 1987 I completed my degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at
the University of Stellenbosch, only later in life did the photography bug bite me and I have never looked back. Africa and its wildlife is my passion and I have been to several African Countries to take photographs of our great continent and its wildlife and nature.

I have exhibited at Sanlam Art Gallery, Clanwilliam Kunshuis and done several exhibitions over the years at the Pure Porterville Art Festival and other venues in Africa My work has been published in Wildlife books, (The spiral horns of Southern Africa, The Eland) a book by Author Peter Flack. Several Outdoor Magazines and in 2019 I had centre spread photograph of a airplane taken in the Canola fields of Porterville which also became photo of the year in the magazine African Pilot October 2019, I have also done Aerial Photography for some wine farms, (Winkelshoek Kelder) combining it with Aerial Landscapes, and taken part in Aerial Counting and photographing of Great White Sharks of the Mosselbay coast. Photographing game capture for relocation from a helicopter. Several of my photographs has been painted by artists Anneke Smuts and Jaap Kofman

My passion for Africa and all nature is lived out in my photography and to show how wonderful life is from another perspective through nature. I am also a member of PSSA and Tafelberg Photographic Club and has been a committee member several times. I hope that everyone who see my photographs would enjoy looking at our magnificent wildlife in Africa as much as I did taking the photos.

Links to my work:

Isobel Knox


Born: 1952 Impendle KZN
School: St. John’s DSG KZN
University: KZN (Fine Arts) 
Represented at Tatham Art Gallery
Resident in WC since 1979

I seek to achieve simplicity and believe that my role as an artist is to communicate The Life Force. 

“Every visual object is a dynamic event. An object which appears to be at rest is not one in which forces are absent – but one in which all forces have been compensated” -Rudolph Arnheim 

The paintings at Rendezvous will be part of an ongoing series titled “Protista”, which means “kingdom of organised beings not distinguished as plants or animals”.

Warren Voight


I was born in Worcester, Western Cape and from a very young age my parents discovered that I have a unique talent. I was drawing everything from pencil sketches to cartoon characters. It was no surprise to my father as he is also very artistic. With that in mind, my parents enrolled me in the Hugo Naude Art Centre, Worcester for after hour art classes when I was 11. By then I discovered that I could do paintings as well. In the late 90’s I also had art as a subject at Worcester Gymnasium High School. Throughout my school and College years I’ve won multiple art competitions as well as designing work for functions and campaigns. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s I’ve done many paintings from still life, landscapes, seascapes, famous landmarks to portraits and musicians. I then became a member of the South African Police Service in 2007. People always ask me what inspire me to do paintings, I just respond by saying “if it’s beautiful and I can’t take my eyes of it, it should be painted”. My work mostly consists out of Landscapes, Seascapes, Still-life, Animals, Portraits, Charcoal and pencil sketches. I mostly use acrylic and oils to do paintings but recently started with watercolour again. I created my own Facebook page, namely “Warren Voight’s Fine Art” to post and share my work with fellow artists and the general public. My dream is to become a fulltime artist and to open my own gallery one day and to teach people to be observant to the beauty of God’s creation.
-Expressing my own creativity, artistically and sharing with the world visually

Workshops @  Rendezvous

1 October 2021:

🎨@11:00 Kids Recycled Craft & Sewing Workshop & Demonstration

🎤🎸@18:30 Wynand & Cheree Strydom Performing Artists

2 October 2021:

📔📚@ 10:00 Hilde Visagie will be reading stories to our little ones @rendezvous_porterville

(Free of charge Entry)

🎨@11:00Kids Recycled Craft & Sewing Workshop & Demonstration

Address of venue: 39 Basson street (corner of Basson and Voortrekker)

Artists exhibiting: Alta en Marinde, Anneke Smuts, Ellieda Matthee, Hanli Theron, Janet van Rensburg, Louise Halliday, Riana Ehlers, Young Living Essential Olies, Zandre de Villiers,

Hanli Theron



Hanli Theron was born in Durban. She received her  BA Jewellery Manufacturing and Design Degree at Stellenbosch University – class of 1984

 After raising her three children, Hanli dedicated her life to ART. She concentrated on her drawing and painting techniques, teaching and offering workshops. She curated many art exhibitions for the local artists and has transformed her home into an Art hub where the Langebaan community can enjoy the ARTS and be Inspired. Hanli also created the Langebaan Art Route to introduce the visitor to the various artist’s home studios.

Her work is versatile and experimental. As an open water swimmer her subject matter is mostly related to the ocean and her coastal environment. Energy and mood are the key focus in most of her  seascapes. Although competent in most media, Hanli prefers pencil and painting in acrylics.

Hanli resides and works in the coastal village Langebaan .

Louise Halliday


Louise, who was born in Fishhoek, became a full-time artist after spending many years teaching art at various schools. Louise also assisted in the planning and presentation of workshops for the Art Teachers’ initiative which is supported by the Department of Sport, Art and Culture.

She became a full-time artist after 1996. She works from home and focuses on landscapes, using oils and palette knife, enjoying texture as well as paintbrush when doing simplified, smooth landscapes. 

Louise has exhibited at numerous art exhibitions around Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Since 2014 she has had an annual exhibition in Langebaan and a few west coast galleries.

Capturing the splendour of the West Coast flower season in an impressionistic way, colourful and with thick paint application, Louise invites the viewer to engage and to touch.

Louise works and resides in Port Elizabeth.

Address of venue: 13 Porter Street

Artists exhibiting: Cathy van der Westhuizen; Anneke Smuts


“My name is Cathy van der Westhuizen. We relocated to beautiful Porterville in May 2020. I started developing the creative side of myself, by experimenting with cement items, decoupage, and a little mosaic among other things.  We opened an Arts & Crafts Studio at 13 Porter Street, called Red Tricycle.  Here I live my passion by decorating, selling arts and crafts, plants, cookies, rusks and flowers, interacting with customers and supplying a service. “

For the Proudly Porterville weekend 1 to 3 October 2021, make sure to visit the Red Tricycle for a very promising and exciting experience.   The beautiful works of a very talented local artist Anneke Smuts will also be on display. 

Handmade Belgian Chocolates by Hippolytas will be available and be presented by the Chocolatier herself, Debbie Taylor.  Chocolate and bubbles pairing will be on offer. 

Visit us for a relaxing atmosphere where you may sit in the garden for a while with nostalgic background music and regain your energy to visit more of the exciting venues. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Red Tricycle, 13 Porter St. Porterville. This will be a weekend to remember.

Make memories; Visit the Proudly Porterville Art Festival for the weekend!

Anneke Smuts


“I am inspired by people, music and nature, these aspects all give me the ingenuity to be creative in oil, pastels and pen and ink. I have been a student at the Arteografic Artschool for 12 years. I love the challenge it brings to follow specific instructions according to a client’s guidance. It gives me great pleasure to see how much joy my work gives to others.”


Workshop Program

Friday 1 October
11AMKiddies ActivitiesKids Recycled Craft & Sewing Workshop & DemonstrationRendezvous - 36 Voortrekker StreetContact for priceRendezvous - 072 102 7745
2PM – 5:30PMPlanter Head WorkshopPlanter Head Workshop presented by Alna Prodgers. All materials are included. Light refreshments will be served, you may bring your own wine. AlnaPottery Studio – 21 Kerk StreetR450Alna – 083 538 2644
2PM – 4PMSoap MakingHand painted Melt & Pour Soap Workshop presented by SoJo Soap Each person takes home 2 hand-painted soaps in a beautiful gift box. Melt N Pour soap will be available to buy. Utensils will be on sale.Jan Danckaert Museum PortervilleR450Joanne Frost - 076 402 2333
Saturday 2 October
10AM – 12PMConfetti Soap MakingConfetti Soap Making Workshop presented by SoJo Soap, with fragrance of your choice. Each person takes home 10 soaps Jan Danckaert Museum PortervilleR450Joanne Frost - 076 402 2333
2:30PM – 3PMDemonstration of the art processA +/- 20 minute woodturning demonstration presented by Paul Kristafor30 Du Toit StreetFreePaul – 076 634 2950
2PM – 5PMAcrylic PouringAn Acrylic Pouring Workshop presented by Adele van Niekerk on various pouring techniques for beginners.  Minimum 4 people and maximum 6people per workshop. All the materials will be provided. Bookings to be made at Porterville Tourism Office.16 Piet Retief StreetR350Porterville Tourism - 022 931 3732
10AM – 1:30PMCheese Platter WorkshopMake your own cheese platter, 2 sauce bowls and 2 spoons. All materials will be provided. Light refreshments will be served, and you may bring your own wine.AlnaPottery Studio – 21 Kerk StreetR450Alna – 083 538 2644
10AMKiddies ActivitiesHilde Visagie will be reading stories to our little onesRendezvous - 36 Voortrekker StreetFreeRendezvous - 072 102 7745
11AMKiddies ActivitiesKids Recycled Craft & Sewing Workshop & DemonstrationRendezvous - 36 Voortrekker StreetContact for priceRendezvous - 072 102 7745
Sunday 3 October
10AM – 12PMConfetti Soap MakingConfetti Soap Making Workshop presented by SoJo Soap with Fragrance of your choice. Each person takes home 10 soaps.Jan Danckaert Museum PortervilleR450Joanne Frost - 076 402 2333
10AM – 1PMAcrylic PouringAn Acrylic Pouring Workshop presented by Adele van Niekerk on various pouring techniques for beginners.  Minimum 4 people and maximum 6 people per workshop. All the materials will be provided. Bookings to be made at Porterville Tourism Office.16 Piet Retief StreetR350Porterville Tourism - 022 931 3732
10AM – 11:30AMKokedama WorkshopKokedama, also known as a Moss Ball. All materials will be included.AlnaPottery Studio – 21 Kerk StreetR250Alna – 083 538 2644
11AMKiddies ActivitiesRecycled Craft & Sewing Workshop & DemonstrationRendezvous - 36 Voortrekker StreetContact for priceRendezvous - 072 102 7745


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