Proudly Porterville Art Weekend 2022

30 Sep - 2 Oct

Now in its fifth year, this popular art experience takes place in Porterville from 30 September – 2 October 2022. It provides an opportunity for art-lovers, foodies, families, outdoor enthusiasts – or anyone looking for an escape from the city – to visit our charming village and enjoy a weekend viewing a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Come and meet our local artists in their studios where you can view and purchase their work and attend demos and workshops. Other exhibition venues in the  village will include restaurants, galleries and pop-up shops. Take a look below at some of the highlights from 2021.

For enquiries please contact or give us a call on 022 931 3732

Art Weekend 2022 Map


Click on a venue below to find out more information about the artists exhibiting and workshops taking place there.

Address of venue: 21 Kerk Street

Offering: Exhibition & workshops, Saturday & Sunday.

Artists exhibiting: Alna Prodgers and Marietjie Nieuwoudt

Alna Prodgers


Alna Prodgers of AlnaPottery studio is a creator of bespoke functional and decorative pottery pieces, whose first love is teaching the craft and passing on her knowledge and experience of 40 years.  I also work in many other mediums to express my creativity

Marietjie Nieuwoudt


“Ek is’n nuwe intrekker en doen die verf skulderye, van 2000 af. Het begin met lapverf en later in die verf belangstel jare klas geloop by Barr De Villiers van Boksburg en verf met kwas en mes en wat kliente wil he.”

Address of venue: 54 Du Toit Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Andre du Toit


“Portraits are my passion,” says André, who plies his craft in
the tranquil town of Porterville in the Bergrivier.

“My subjects are mostly random faces who speak to my imagination and it’s hard to explain what draws me to them in the first place and what moves me to repaint them. It’s a very intuitive process and the end result is almost always a surprise. When you do portraits of people you know, there’s always the pressure of rendering a recognisable image, which makes the whole creative journey less free and spontaneous. I love the element of surprise and I love to hang a newly finished painting on my own walls until I’m ready to add my signature and let it go.”

Address of venue: 22 Meul Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Anya Lourens, Arend Louw,  , Carin Dorrington, Clare Menck, Lynn Joubert, Stephanus du Toit

Arend Louw


Born and raised in Bellville, Cape Town, Arend Louw has a personality as colourful as his paintings. After completing a degree in Theology, Arend spent the next few years travelling so as to explore and expand his worldview. Wanting to return to his roots, he took up residence on his family’s farm near Aurora. Located in the Sandveld region of the Cape West Coast, Arend takes inspiration from the quiet and solace from the serenity provided by the area – a detail that is evident in the focus he exercises over his art. Each work is motivated by Arend’s surroundings; his use of photography is in direct symbiosis with the paintings he creates, thus capturing the finer nuances of small town life. As Arend explains: “The themes of my paintings are personal and yet universal. They are the scenes of everyday life. I am inspired by the effect that natural light has on a scene; a landscape or object can be transformed by the highlights and shadows that fall upon it”.
Working exclusively in oils has developed Arend’s leniency towards making mistakes. Seeing mistakes as part of the process instead of allowing them to hinder his work, Arend prefers oils as they demand contemplation. They are slow to dry and quick to forgive. Not only skilled in delicate and precise brushwork, Arend’s works need to convey a message, even if it is to the artist alone: “
All my paintings are created with intent. Not just to please the viewer but to convey an emotion that a specific moment has stirred in me”.

 2015 – Montagu Museum, Montagu –‘ Van Sandveld tot Suurbraak’
 2016 – Stone Fish Gallery, Paternoster
 2016 – Bo-Kamer Venue, Paarl
 2018 – Rossouw Modern Art Gallery – “In Limbo”
 2012 – Langverwacht, Cape Town – ‘ ‘n Ander plek’
 2016 – Liebrecht Gallery, Somerset West – ‘ A penny for your thoughts’
 2016 – Art.b Gallery, Bellville – ‘Committee’s Choice’

Anya Lourens


“It’s a privilege to create something new out of something unwanted. Each piece of discarded fabric has a story to tell, and by making something new from it, I am creating a new story… a new layer. Layered items are all made from repurposed fabrics – beautiful fabrics that are no longer needed or wanted, and I am able to give them a new lease of life! I take so much joy to create something that is beautiful, comfortable, functional and sustainable. I love to focus on creating something of good quality, and by combining different colours and textures I am able to create something completely unique!”

Carin Dorrington


Carin Dorrington studied Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch and receive her Honors Degree in 1985 under the tutelage of former lecturer Paul Emsley.

After completing her Teacher’s Diploma at US, she taught at the Jack Meyer Art Centre in Paarl for 8 years and then 16 years privately before retiring in 2017. It was during these teaching years that clay became her preferred medium for creative expression

Her work is typically joyful, sculptural and decorated in vibrant, bright colours. All her pieces are hand built and fired to 1200 degrees celsius.

Clare Menck


Clare Menck is renowned for her swimmers in oils and on paper (watercolours & printmaking), some nude, some self-portraiture, as well as for her retakes on vintage photography.  She has been dealing with an LGBTQ subtext over the past few years as part of her expanding oevre.  Clare  has been represented by 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town since 2015.  SA Print Gallery, 99 Loop & Dawid Ras Fine Art have repeatedly shown her work at the Cape Town, the Turbine & the Joburg Art Fairs.   Clare owns property in Piketberg and enjoys participation in annual Platteland art ventures like Proudly Porterville.

Lynn Joubert


Part-time ceramic artist from Durbanville.

Stephanus du Toit


I started painting in colour in May 2020 after years of predominantly black and white sketching. During this time living in Cape Town, paint was not deemed an essential item, therefore I had to use what I had on hand. These early paintings were painted with old tubes of Prussian blue acrylic, and a Plascon “tester pot” of Bubblegum Pink PVA.

In August 2020 I moved to a cottage in Piket-Bo-Berg and have since fallen in love with the community and spending time in nature. The beautiful mountainscapes around me have since been woven into my brush strokes and life. I enjoy singing, stage set design, cycling and bundu bashing.

I predominantly work in oils, charcoal, and Indian ink.

Address of venue: 48 Voortrekker Street 

Artists exhibiting: Aniki Pasq, Karien Jordaan

Aniki Pasq


Karien Jordaan


Con-Li Halvorsen 


“I’m CJ Halvorsen from Piketberg. My work is inspired by the mythology of the world, religion and the identity of man. With detailed realistic sketching I make people aware of how we are all connected to not just each other but our history and how different religions connects us. My style is inspired by surrealism and realism. I have been fascinated about how things are connected since I was young and would love to share that with people. Follow me on Instagram

Estelle Haward 


“Discovered art during the late part of 2019 as part of a recovery program and love the journey, I work mostly in mixed media and acrylic combined with pastels and watercolour.”

Isobel Knox


“I was born at home on a farm in the foothills of the mighty Drakensberg Mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. My earliest memories were happy ones – playing in the mud with my white brother and making clay oxen with my Zulu brothers, plaiting bangles and baskets with the older girls, grinding mielles (corn) with grinding stones, taming animals, cracking whips, throwing knives, riding bareback until I received a sheepskin saddle for my 12th birthday. I hada great start in life but then it all ended. I was forbidden to run wild with my closest playmates any more. We went to live in tovin and I spent twelve years in a Diocesan School for white girls. I really hated school but found solace behind the piano there, and loved to draw even when I wasn’t supposed to. And I loved Biology – our biology teacher was extremely elegant, everything was shipshape in the lab, particularly her blackboard, chalk and dusters, and her schematic drawings were absolutely fantastic! The art classes sapped my energy. The art room was a fine piece of architecture but it was a mess and the art teacher embarrassed me. I was only interested in Egyptian Art and nobody could understand that. I drew pictures straight out of my head, but after Fine Art studies at UKZN, where I fell in love with Gothic Art and Surrealism, I lost that ability. I enjoyed the disciplines and skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and printmaking, but struggled with inner conflict and unacknowledged creative block. After 30 years working as a fashion designer, textile designer, set painter and stoneworker, I came back to Fine Art. My mother had died and my son was an infant. His birth sounded a call deep within me, and I had to paint again. I don’t believe I chose Fine Art – I think it chose me before I was born – my father was also an artist, and so is my daughter. The traditional role of an artist in Africa is to capture the life force and carry it for the community and that is what I do. It lies dormant in tubes of paint, in the implements I use to apply paint to surfaces, and in the surfaces themselves. Surrealism employs the shock of familiar things presented in absurd and unfamiliar conditions, and this shock awakens the subconscious mind – the place of forgotten things and unresolved issues. I now embrace anger, depression, joy and sorrow with equal enthusiasm. The beauty of life is that it changes all the time and this cannot occur without a dynamic cohesion of extreme opposites. I believe in the pursuit of happiness as a noble ideal, and for me art is love – but not a career for the faint hearted. I believe that we are all spiritual beings with magical powers.”

Kevin Stanley 


Kevin Stanley’s impressionist canvases, reflect the colourful richness of nature, so lend to lifestyle art, bringing the outside to interiors; with seascapes for `waterside and beach living’, to a fundamental` country look’ of vase Karoo horizons. He has lived and farmed in the Karoo, where he was influenced by the scale of the horizon and `miniaturisation’ of man. His love of the beach scenes comes the life and light of the coast as he is spiritually inspired by the elements. He was born in the Eastern Cape in 1954 Kevin was a Johannesburg- based art dealer before moving to Cape Town where he started art classes in Pinelands, he then started the Hout Bay gallery in 1986. After moving to farm in the small Karoo for ten years he moved to the UK where he started a gallery in Sedbergh (Cumbria) and also in Guernsey (Channel Islands). He moved back to Cape Town ( South Africa) in 2009 and opened his last gallery in Marina Da Gama. Images and info can be seen on F/B or Instagram. Kevin is self taught and a full time artist now living in Newlands Cape Town South Africa. He also undertakes commission work.

Contact: or +270740768437

Elton Jagels


Elton Jagels, a 47-year-old resident of Laaiplek, knew from childhood that he would one day be an Artist. In Primary School he did art classes until grade 7. After that he taught himself and continued painting. After Matric, he studied Graphic Design for 3 years, but that did not keep him away from his passion. In 2003 Elton decided to paint full time and to this day he does what his heart tells him. Elton’s artwork technique is definitely exceptional.  

Address of venue: 16 Piet Retief Street

Offering: Exhibition & Acrylic Pouring Workshop

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Joey Koen, Dien B

Joey Koen


As a born and bred Sandvelder and former resident of Redelinghuys, Joey grew up loving and appreciating nature. Drawing on her inquisitive nature and with fine attention to detail and rich use of colour, Joey celebrates the beauty of natural forms through her art.

“Having attended various art workshops I’m not averse to dabbling in various mediums.
In receiving commissions from friends and clients, I try my best to timeously, and with as much creativity as possible reflect my unique brand of art on each and every piece I deliver.
Having been a forensic investigator I analyze and determine beforehand the best possible way of enriching each and every canvas I produce.”

Address of venue: 30 Du Toit St

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Katja Abbott, Paul Kristafor,

Katja Abbott


Katja Abbott works in various mediums including paint, collage, ceramic & fabric. Without intending to she always seems to end up making strange creatures and is twitchy unless she is creating something. She has a diploma in Graphic Design and a degree in Visual Arts. Katja is also passionate about trees and swimming in very cold water. She is currently planting a future forest behind the home she shares with fabulously talented wood-turner Paul Kristafor.

Paul Kristafor


“I used to be a bush boy, now I play with wood! My passion for wood as a material began when I worked for many years in various remote wilderness areas of Southern and East Africa. Now, as a self-taught studio woodturner, I create vessels and bowls using a traditional lathe and gouges combined with contemporary carving techniques. I work almost exclusively with green wood. This allows the drying process to contribute to the final form of the vessel. As the tensions within the timber are resolved the vessel twists, warps and assumes the shape that the wood wants it to be. My use of scorching as a technique is inspired by the elemental part that fire plays in life in the bush. It brings out the inherent texture of the grain and invites touch.  All the timber used in my practice is sustainably sourced, often as part of an alien eradication program.”

Address of venue: Driefontien Farm, R365,  5 kms outside of Porterville

Artist exhibiting: Ronel Bakker, Ronel Bakker, Sandra Hanekom, The Doggy Potter, Jeanne Hendriks, Lisa Linno,Lisa-Marie Myburgh, David Bellamy


Address of venue: 35 Frank Avenue

Artists exhibiting: 

Amelia Jacobs


Amelia Jacobs has been working in clay for over 30 years.  Her studio is in Devils Peak Estate on the slopes of Table Mountain, or Hoerikwagga (The Mountain in the sea) as it was known to the indegenes. Her Camissa vessels are made from translucent porcelain then smoke-fired with indigenous fynbos. She received the Best Porcelain on Show award at 2016 Ceramics SA WC Regionals, was awarded a prize for one of the best ten pieces submitted at the Fire for Effect exhibition at the Atelier A.I.R Vallauris in France in 2018 and received a merit award at 2019 Ceramics SA WC Regionals. She supplies functional tableware to bespoke shops and eateries like the prestigious Belly of the Beast, Ouzeri restaurants and La Motte wine estate. She teaches at her studio in Cape Town, where she is constantly inspired to discover and explore new avenues, both by her peers and students.

Also on offer:

Camissa porcelain smoke-fired with fynbos
Live Kintsugi repairs Friday at 15:00 & Saturday 12:00

Raku firing Saturday 14:00 and 15:00. Decorate your own ceramic cup and experience earth, heat and fire raku magic. No booking required.

Potter’s wheel private tuition by appointment from 10:00 on Saturday. R300/hour. Booking by email

Amelia Keefer


Amelia Keefer started ceramics as a quest to get her hands dirty: less in the head, more from the heart . She enjoys slab work and raku firings for their drama and unpredictability, the consuming anticipation of what comes out of the kiln. Proudly Porterville is an opportunity for her to exhibit her work in the converted cowshed she and her husband have renovated into a welcoming, tranquil space that reflects a thoughtful aesthetic in the way it marries old and new, while paying homage to her abiding artistic sensibilities and showing a deep respect for the work of human hands.

Andries Samuel


Andries Samuel is an architect and writer. His debut collection of poetry was shortlisted for the Ingrid Jonker Prize. His art has recently evolved towards experimenting with digital media, where his love of landscape, architecture and the human body come together.

Karin Schimke


Karin Schimke is an award-winning poet and well-known South African writer, translator and editor. Her wheel-thrown pottery comes from that place inside her head not filled with words. The colours and textures of her vessels reflect a perennial longing for being barefoot on dunes, boulders, mountain paths and riverbanks.

James Retief


When the COVID lockdown prevented James Retief from working on the pottery wheel in the studio, he started doing hand work from home, unlocking a love for the slow, meditative process of making technical, geometrical, onepiece facetted objects. His curiosity about all aspects of the craft of ceramics is always satisfied by the experimental nature of raku firing, and most recently by the precision and care required for the art of kintsugi repair of broken pieces. Retief’s work is both decorative and functional.

Uilenbosch Farm


Husband and wife duo Jacques and Adelaide spend their free time creating on their piece of paradise at the foot of the Hawequa Mountains near Wellington. Inspired by their surroundings, these prolific potters will be exhibiting a range of succulent-planted ceramic vessels – many fired in their gas raku kiln – and ceramic soap dishes and handmade soaps.

Address of venue: 13 Porter Street

Artists exhibiting: Cathy van der Westhuizen; Anneke Smuts


“My name is Cathy van der Westhuizen. We relocated to beautiful Porterville in May 2020. I started developing the creative side of myself, by experimenting with cement items, decoupage, and a little mosaic among other things.  We opened an Arts & Crafts Studio at 13 Porter Street, called Red Tricycle.  Here I live my passion by decorating, selling arts and crafts, plants, cookies, rusks and flowers, interacting with customers and supplying a service. “

For the Proudly Porterville weekend 1 to 3 October 2021, make sure to visit the Red Tricycle for a very promising and exciting experience.   The beautiful works of a very talented local artist Anneke Smuts will also be on display. 

Handmade Belgian Chocolates by Hippolytas will be available and be presented by the Chocolatier herself, Debbie Taylor.  Chocolate and bubbles pairing will be on offer. 

Visit us for a relaxing atmosphere where you may sit in the garden for a while with nostalgic background music and regain your energy to visit more of the exciting venues. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Red Tricycle, 13 Porter St. Porterville. This will be a weekend to remember.

Make memories; Visit the Proudly Porterville Art Festival for the weekend!

Jerald Blaber

Anneke Smuts 

“I am inspired by people, music and nature, these aspects all give me the ingenuity to be creative in oil, pastels, pen & ink and watercolours. I have been a student at the Arteografic Artschool for 12 yearts. I love the challenge it brings to follow specific instructions according to a client’s guidance. It gives me great pleasure to see how much joy my work gives to others.”


Maria van Graan 

“I was extremely privileged to grow up with a very creative and artistic mom who supported me in my art from a young age. I did art as a subject in school and went on to study B.Prim.Ed Art at Stellenbosch University and since then have been inspiring young people to believe in their art. After doing commissioned murals in Pretoria for years I returned to Cape town and moved to Somerset West and started teaching art at Somerset College. It was during those early years of teaching that I started painting and drawing for pure enjoyment in my spare time; creating work that I love and was proud of.”


Address of venue: 52 Du Toit Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Yoko Reijn


“Abstract art draws its value mainly from its mental/spiritual aspect and my vision is to be found within eastern philosophy: Everything is impermanent, cause and effect, and ever-changing. These aspects find expression in my paintings.
As an artist I respond to my environment, thoughts and inner motions, and with the need to articulate, express and communicate my being. My interests revolve around expression of inner processes. Nature as well as spirituality is a big inspiration.
Colour is my medium: It is very personal and individual loaded with feelings, triggering memories, sensations. Organic shapes in the work refer to oneness of all aspects of Life.”


Address of venue: 39 Basson Street

No food or drink will be offered  

Artists exhibiting: Jerald Blaber, Ellieda Matthee, Jean-Marié Ehlers, Zandre de Villiers

 Jerald Blaber

Jean-Marié Ehlers


Zandre de Villiers




Workshop program

Friday 30 September
15:00Live Kintsugi RepairsCowshed Porterville
Saturday 1 October
10:00 - 14:00Teatime Get your hands dirty and make your own teapot!AlnaPottery StudioR650 p/pAlna - 083 538 2644
14:00Raku firingDecorate your own ceramic cup and experience earth, heat and fire raku magicCowshed PortervilleWalk - ins welcome
15:00Raku firingDecorate your own ceramic cup and experience earth, heat and fire raku magicCowshed PortervilleWalk - ins welcome
12:00 Live Kintsugi RepairsCowshed Porterville
Sunday 2 October
10:00 - 14:00Make your cake stand and lifterCome and make your own cake stand and lifterAlnaPottery StudioR550 p/pAlna - 083 538 2644
10:00Potter’s wheelprivate tuition by appointment from 10:00 onwards.Cowshed PortervilleR300/hourAmelia Jacobs - Booking by email
11:0030 Minute Green Wood Turning DemonstrationWatch Paul Kristafor take you through his unique process, follwoed by a Q&A session.30 Du Toit Street FreePaul - 076 634 2950

Resident artists

Art Studio

AlnaPottery Studio

Art Studio

Andre du Toit

Art Studio

Anneke Smuts

Art Studio

Carin Dorrington

Die Lighuis

Art Studio

Ebonymoon Studio

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  • 2 tickets to the Jenny Morris Cooking Show on Saturday evening

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