Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts are also in for a treat with a visit to Porterville, which offers a variety of hiking trails to fascinating destinations like De Hel (the hell) and De Tronk (the jail) where impressive rock formations can be found. There is also an uphill waterfall trail dotted with 22 waterfalls snaking their way down the mountainside, interspersed with crystal clear pools for a cooling dip.

The town boasts its own pristine 9-hole golf course with a dramatic mountain backdrop as well as a licensed club house.  Mountain-bikers will love the many trails that wind their way through the surrounding countryside.  For those keen to truly test their adrenalin levels, there are companies which offer tandem-paragliding experiences off the Dasklip Pass.  Botanists can view tracts of the rare Disa Uniflora during its flowering season.

Berghoff – Flower Farm Tour

Water Adventure

Fishing at the Porterville Dam

Groot Winterhoek

Hiking at 22 Waterfalls


Porterville Golf course